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Lisa Gill and Mark Eddleston celebrate 50 episodes of Leadermorphosis

...imagine that the the listeners are really really curious about how you came to be so passionate and knowledgeable on the topic of self-management and progressive organisations. So yeah, how did that happen? Lisa Gill: Let me see if I can find a kind of concise way to summarise it. I guess, originally I studied...more I can confirm it's something to be excited about. I can't wait for that to be released. So that's a bit about how you got into self-management and progressive organisations. Now, I guess the listeners might also be curious a little bit about Lisa Gill outside of self-management and progressive organisations...more
...anagement and progressive organisations. Now, I guess the listeners might also be curious a little bit about Lisa Gill outside of self-management and progressive organisations. So, yeah, tell us a little bit about you. And one thing that struck me when we met is that you're kind of exactly the same in person a...more
...s the wholeness aspect ticked from 'Reinventing Organisations'. What are you passionate about? What are your interests outside of self-management and progressive orgs? Lisa Gill: I'm happy to hear that I'm the same in life as I am on the podcast and I think that is something that I've worked at or has maybe co...more
...tley, the creators of Liberating Structures and Holacracy, Corporate Rebels, Aaron Dignan, Enspiral, Ouishare: anybody who's anybody in the world of progressive organisations and self-management. Have you celebrated that? Lisa Gill: Yeah, I think I could probably be better at celebrating. I'm quite a self-cri...more
...), but a lot of people were saying that that wouldn't work. So do you think that perhaps there might be an opportunity to accelerate some of the more progressive ways of working because we're experiencing now a live example of adapting quite quickly to something that we thought wasn't possible? Lisa Gill: Yeah...more

Gary Hamel on busting bureaucracy for good

...lf playbook from your consultant of choice. Secondly, even when you have a CEO who understands this needs to happen - and I think there quite a few progressive ones out there - they are often stymied by the next layer or two of leaders who have a lot of emotional equity invested in the bureaucratic model. It...more
... of that away and try to build something that's self managing, you are eroding a lot of the economic value of a managerial job. So even when you have progressive CEOs, they often face what I call the Gorbachev dilemma - presuming that he was genuine about wanting glasnost and perestroika, and that the peasants...more
...a fairly simple little MOOC - an online massive open online course - and each week, we talk about one of these principles and we'd give examples from progressive organisations. And the question to 3000 people was, right, so what would you change? If we wanted to be more open, what would you change? And somebod...more
...ent, rather than these distant imperial forces that handed these things down. Many of the suggestions replicated what we already know works in other progressive organisations. So I think that's probably the way we're going to have to do this. And the first principle of design thinking or innovation is go to t...more

Bernadette Wesley on bridging inner and outer transformation

...le, and increasing the speed. So there's this tension. And if we start there, what are the tensions? What are the challenges? I'm hearing even really progressive companies saying, 'our people are saying that this is becoming a burnout factory'. Especially in tech and in software development. And that just bre...more
...or be an outsider. So we're really good at it. And then in organisations, especially when your livelihood depends on it, you have a boss. And even in progressive organisations or where you do have a purpose aligned business, which is a group that I work with, I found it was even harder to some extent - which r...more

Bill Fischer and Simone Cicero on Haier and the entrepreneurial organisation, and so on. I’m curious what that journey has been like for managers because if the if the top management — even if Zhang Ruimin is the kind of progressive leader he is — if he has a COO or someone else in the top management team who is a command-and-control bureaucrat, then it’s not going to work, right...more

Beetroot’s founders on purpose, self-management, and shocking people with trust

... a country which is in a constant transformation, for the last couple of years between, to simplify, the old and the new with the new being this very progressive and active youth who really wants to change the future for themselves and for the country, and so on, and we are also then working in this interestin...more