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Keith McCandless and Henri Lipmanowicz on acting your way into a new kind of organising with Liberating Structures

...ossible. That's the liberation part. Henri Lipmanowicz: So one way to understand this is to look at one example, a very simple structure. We call it 1-2-4-All. And what it consists of is asking a group of people of any size to spend a moment alone thinking about something and maybe writing down a question o...more
...articipate in whatever is happening that one wants to do. It's a very simple thing that anybody can learn very quickly. You've just learned how to do 1-2-4-All. And now you can do it....more
...isation, it can spread virally. I first started experimenting with them just by reading the book, or looking on the website, and just having a go and 1-2-4-All is such a simple but powerful microstructure that people can use in meetings, or any kinds of discussions to kind of get a sense of what's going on i...more
...any number of different dimensions and subjects. So that's a big step. Because it's relatively easy for people to see - oh, this is simple, you know, 1-2-4-All. Yeah, I can do that, you know. And to use those here and there, in some meetings, or when there's a special gathering or whatever, etc. But to start...more
...s, you know, it's pretty common for people to learn how to make presentations, or slides or whatever, or to write a memo, that kind of thing. I mean, 1-2-4-All, you know, how complicated is that? Or Troika Consulting, and that kind of thing. And so, so what I hope is that - you were talking about education ...more
...hool and leadership and students. We're about 90 minutes into a three day shindig workshop. And the two students who are with me, they get a feel for 1-2-4-All, and Impromptu Networking. And we did a couple things, and we're getting some stuff. And it was really clear, they just kind of looked at me, you kno...more