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Ep. 55 Frederic Laloux with an invitation to reclaim integrity and aliveness

...ating in an increasingly destructive, even suicidal economy? What comes up for you hearing that question again? Where are you with that question? F Laloux: The question is very present for me and has been now for the last two or three years. I feel more and more drawn to having a really difficult conver...more afterwards that they realise, “Yeah, why did I do that? I’m trained I should have known.” But we don’t question because of the power structure. F Laloux: It’s interesting because I almost take self-management for a given now. And so, I’m really curious, even in the absence of any power structure that ...more
...erable fellow traveller in this journey together with people and that helps, I think. What will help us to sit with these questions, do you think? F Laloux: I think you said it, **I think we need to create spaces that are safe enough and that are spacious enough for us to explore these questions. **And I...more
...nswer is. And I also try not to beat myself up about it. But I try to stay with the question at the same time and not shy away from that too much. F Laloux: Yeah, I mean, there’s this beautiful Rilke quote, that talks about staying with a question, sitting with a question long enough until until the answ...more
...owerful choice is, that we often act out of habit or default… but when we act out of choice, we’re more powerful in relation to everything really. F Laloux: And plus, it makes our purpose so much bigger and so much more interesting, right? So many organisations, let’s be honest, don’t have a super exciti...more
...htened, and to be open to these ideas. And she was really frustrated by that and felt like if we wait for that to happen, it’s gonna take forever! F Laloux: People tell me this a lot. - L Gill: Yeah! And again, thinking about that group of CEOs – presumably they invited you there or there was a willingn...more
...hat felt okay for them. But there are so many people who don’t perhaps even dare go there. What do you say when people bring this question to you? F Laloux: I mean, I think this question of the plan B is relevant at every level of the organisation, right? So in the middle management or somewhere, if I’m ...more
...pse of a civilisation? So I can go down that rabbit hole sometimes and sitting here now, perhaps I’m thinking, maybe that doesn’t matter too much… F Laloux: I mean, in strange ways, I’m really hopeful. Amongst the very, very hard reality of how close we are to environmental and climate collapse, I feel t...more
...ou say: “Look, this is the deal. This is what’s going on. I have no idea what to do about this, but I don’t feel good about it. I need your help.” F Laloux: People love you for that. Like, Nicolas Hennon’s experience was 1,500 messages when he left. ...more
...L Gill: I’m wondering if you’d like to share something with people listening to podcasts about your latest passion project, about The Week? F Laloux: Yeah, I mean, it’s a bit too early to talk in-depth about it. But yeah, for some reason, I like hard conversations and a year ago, there was a Belgi...more
...h not having an answer. And trusting that some some kind of clarity will come out, some aliveness, some purpose, some integrity on the other side. F Laloux: Yeah, totally. How does this all resonate with you? And I’m curious, is there a place for this in your life right now? These kinds of questions? ...more
...that what makes the difference, to really shift something, is different kinds of conversations and sitting in this, you know, sitting in the fire. F Laloux: I think probably the second video in my video series, Insights for the Journey, was specifically about that. Like when people come to me and say, “I...more
... have experienced myself – it’s tough! You know, what you call in one of your videos “growth pain”. And for us to create spaces where that’s okay. F Laloux: Yeah and I realise I’m in this easy position because of the success of the book. The people who come talk to me allow me to go to places where they ...more
...istening to this podcast now in terms of something that might help them on their journey? A step they could take, some wisdom that you’ve learned? F Laloux: There’s two different questions in one, I think. You know, in terms of the practical things, I think people could go in very different directions. I...more
...tantly give ourselves permission and get permission. There’s so much conditioning that it takes more than just once for it to be undone, you know? F Laloux: Yeah. You know, the kind of example that you just gave is an example where I often turn to Ken Wilber and his model of the four quadrants. People mi...more
...nk also just to be curious, like, okay, people aren’t stepping in, what’s that about? What’s going on? Let’s go find out what’s really in the way. F Laloux: Yeah, exactly. And indeed not stepping in to fix the problem. And this example of you were giving: there was a team of nurses that was obviously ov...more
... analogy of a spiderweb and connecting the system to more of itself. And that’s the way to solve the problem, rather than trying to add something. F Laloux: Maybe I should just use this for a shameless plug for these videos. I’ve been really bad at marketing these videos because I’m just generally bad at...more
... often people ask me questions that you’ve answered exactly. So I say, well, have a look at this video and then come back and let’s talk about it! F Laloux: That was one of the reasons I did it as a video series rather than a book because I felt like it would be so much more immediate, like if people hav...more
... phenomenon that you’ve created? Where do you hope it might go next, in terms of the impact that it has or how it touches people around the world? F Laloux: I mean, I don’t know, I’ve never known! You know, this thing is having its own life and I’ve been actually really okay with letting it have its own ...more
...L Gill: And seeing people’s children too. F Laloux: Yeah, yeah, totally. And the purpose side… one of the things that I find interesting is hearing stories of, you know, often you’re not in a space in...more

Ep. 57 Nand Kishore Chaudhary from Jaipur Rugs on love, collective consciousness and self-management were crazy for starting a business in this way. And now you're entering into a new phase, as I understand it, where you're talking to people like Frederic Laloux, Doug Kirkpatrick, Miki Kashtan, and you're really interested in taking it to the next level in terms of self-management. And really kind of decentra...more
...I'm curious what else you've learned because I'm sure many people listening are perhaps even envious that you've spoken to some of my big heroes like Frederic Laloux and Doug and Miki, you mentioned what you've learned from Otto Scharmer, for example. Are there other key lessons that you've learned so far about se...more

Ep. 45 Amy Edmondson on psychological safety and the future of work

... Mike is continuing to do really interesting work in this domain. I’d say both of us were quite inspired by, and it’s not the first book we read, but Frederic Laloux’s ‘Reinventing Organisations’, and there are some very profound case studies in there. The self-managing organisation to me as a construct is much li...more